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 Fuma no Kirikaze

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Woonplaats : Yume no Kuni

BerichtOnderwerp: Fuma no Kirikaze   di feb 17, 2009 12:35 am

Dit is een fanfictie die ik heb geschreven (aan het schrijven ben) naar aanleiding van de Drama "Fuma no Kojiro" (Kojiro van de Fuma clan)
Voorlopig heeft deze fanfic de titel "Fuma no Kirikaze" (Kirikaze van de Fuma Clan), maar ik ben van plan nog een iets leukere titel te gaan verzinnen.

Het origineel schreef ik (ben ik aan het schrijven) in een schrift. Dit is een Nederlandse versie waarin het hele verhaal vanuit de 3e persoon vertelt wordt. Daarnaast heb ik een computer versie, die voorlopig alleen in het Engels is... hierin wordt alles vanuit de 1e persoon vertelt.

Uiteindelijk ben ik van plan om het hele verhaal in ieder geval compleet in mijn brakke engels te schrijven op de computer, waarschijnlijk alles vanuit de 1e persoon. Ik hoop ook nog een Nederlandse versie te maken.
Ik heb besloten aangezien de fans van de Tv-serie over het algemeen niet uit Nederland komen. (Ik ken er momenteel 1... 2 met mezelf erbij)

Mijn excuses voor de spel- en grammaticafouten dus!

Momenteel heb ik alleen het proloog (of hoofdstuk 1) uitgetypt, hoofdstuk 1-5 (2-6) bevinden zich in mijn schrift en ik hoop ze zo spoedig mogelijk uit te typen.
Ik hoor het wel ^^ ENJOY!

P.S. Je hoeft de drama niet gekeken te hebben om het verhaal te kunnen lezen. (gelukkig) In eerste instantie zal het allemaal wel erg vaag zijn, maar ik denk dat als het verhaal vorderd, je wel begint te begrijpen wat er aan de hand is. Mensen die de drama echter wel gezien hebben zullen waarschijnlijk sneller begrijpen naar welke gebeurtenissen ik verwijs, vooral in het proloog... mijn fanfic speelt zich trouwens enkele jaren af voor het verhaal in de Drama-serie plaatsvind


The first rays of light already fell through the small openings of the door. Outside the leaves were still wet of night’s dew. In the large, silent forest, only the singing of birds was heard. In the midst of this silent, lay our village of the Fuma clan.
I was silent as well. It had been al long time I had really been silent. Still there were a lot of things I wanted to say, but my words had dried up. So because I couldn’t say it, I had to show it and I showed it with silence.
I was already a few days in Ryouma’s room right now. I had only left his side if urgent. My knees hurt this much, I wondered if the pain would ever disappear. But I wouldn’t complain, this pain was what I deserved.
It had been a few days ago I had made this terrible mistake. A mistake probably no one will ever forgive me. At least Ryouma won’t. Since that one day, he had been unconscious and up till now he didn’t show any signs of recovery.
Yesterday the doctors already told me, he’d probably never be able to use his left eye again. Or to say, because of me and my idiotism, Ryouma would be half-blind for the rest of his life.
Maybe this knowledge hurt me more, than the pain I felt in my knees.
Guilty, I looked at Ryouma. His face was really pale and the fact he still breathed was hardly seen. It almost looked like he was death.
For a second I felt his forehead. Two days ago, his skin almost burnt my hand, today it was icy cold, just like yesterday. I didn’t really know whether I should take this change as a good sign, as a sign of recovery or not.
For no reason, I wondered what would happen if Ryouma didn’t make it, if he would die right here. Ryouma was the oldest son and meant to lead our clan after his father retired. It would certainly be great trouble for our clan if Ryouma found his end here.
It would probably be a problem for me as well. Right now, I already didn’t expect any mercy of my fellow clan members. So if Ryouma died…
Actually, I’d rather not think about this kind of things. Still I couldn’t prevent for this kind of thought to pop up into my mind once in a while. I guess I should blame it on the silence, the everlasting silence in our village. Ryouma wasn’t the only one with his life on the edge.
The light outside had become brighter. As if nothing had ever happened, days followed on the nights and nights followed on the days. It seemed like some kind of dream… or for me, a nightmare.
The night’s mist would never be able to conceal the day forever. At a given moment everything would be exposed. I already figured this much. But it would be nice if I could stay hidden, for only just a little more. I wasn’t ready to face the truth yet.
I still hadn’t figured out why everything happened like it had. It was probably a question with no right answer. The only thing you could do was guess. I guessed I had taken de wrong road. Lost in the forest, I ignored all help and wandered off more and more. Out of the reach of my friends.
Unfortunately, there’s no way back anymore. I’ll have to walk this path I’ve chosen and bear the consequences of it. At least I know now, this path that is destined for me, the path of becoming a ninja, I can’t walk it on my own. If I want to succeed, I’ll have to listen to the people superior to me and learn form then. Only then I will be able to one day call myself proudly a ninja of the Fuma clan.
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Fuma no Kirikaze   di feb 17, 2009 12:39 am

wow, ziet er goed uit!
het doet me afvragen wat er met Ryouma gebeurd is xD
dus ga snel verder!
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Fuma no Kirikaze
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